May. 25th, 2013

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Physical Appearance

In appearance Will is almost completely ordinary. He is short and stocky, with slightly long mouse-brown hair that continually falls into his eyes. His eyes are grey, with an odd look of oldness to them. Will's face is round and good-natured, but he maintains a solemn or stoic expression most of the time.

Just above his right wrist, on the inside of his arm, Will has a single unusual scar. It looks like a shiny hairless burn scar, but is in the shape of a perfect circle quartered by a cross.

Mental Presence

But to those characters who have the ability to sense the supernatural, it will be obvious that Will is not so human after all. He is an Old One of the Light, and that is not only a title. Although he was born as a human and once believed himself to be only a human child, Will was also created out of one of the two primary elemental forces of his universe. Forces which, in the hierarchy of WIll's universe, lie directly beneath the power responsible for maintaining the operation of the universe.

What the Light is... well at one point a human character says this about it. But those men who know anything at all about the Light also know that there is a fierceness to its power, like the bare sword of the law, or the white burning of the sun. ... At the centre of the Light there is a cold white flame, just as at the centre of the Dark there is a great black pit bottomless as the Universe.

Other Permissions

Will has a certain ability to tell whether someone is human or not. And more specifically, whether someone belongs to the Light or the Dark. That last won't be coming into play here, as the concept of Light and Dark in his canon doesn't really match up with any other canon's concept of Light and Dark powers.


Will is unaffected by time paradoxes. He can walk in and out of different times as he wills, and if he walks into a new time everyone there will remember him as always having been there. He can have visions of the past as well, either by walking into a time bubble or by touching an object and willing himself to see its history. He can stop time for the people around him or put a single person outside of
time for a moment.


Will is telepathic only with other Old Ones and similar magical beings. He is forbidden from manipulating the minds of humans unless it is necessary to remove their memories or shield their minds for protection. He has an excellent memory. Additionally he has some
ability with mental combat. He can sense the presence of other agents of the Light and Dark. He can also sense malevolent intentions.

Naturally, most of these will be tough to play out in game without some permissions. So please answer the following questions to help me out.

Is it okay for him to simply know whether your character is human or not?

Does your character have telepathic abilities? If so, are you willing to have them contacted in this way?

Is there any plotting you would like to do with any of his abilities?


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