Apr. 17th, 2014

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 As an Old One, Will has certain abilities. This means that , among other things, he can:

1: Speak into others minds and receive messages in return.
2. Put pictures into others minds and receive pictures from other minds.
3. Speak and understand all languages in his world.
4. Speak and understand a magical language known as the Old Speech which can be understood by all creatures of magic in his world.
5: Sense the presence of the Dark. Will senses this was a whirling chaotic feeling that makes him feel ill.

However, his power comes with a few limitations.  He can only speak with the minds of people who share a similar ability. He can't contact anyone who doesn't have any telepathic ability.  

So it would really help me out if you could answer these questions for your characters.

1: Mun Name and Contact
2. Character Name and Journal
3. Does your character have any kind of telepathic or psychic ability? If so, would it be alright for Will to contact them in this way?
4. Does your character come from a world with a commonly understood magical language? If so can Will contact them in this way?
5. Is it okay if Will understands your character's languages when interacting with them? 
6. Does your character have any association with Light or Dark forces in their canon?  If so, what does their canon mean by Light or Dark? Would it be alright for Will to sense this in them?
7: Anything else? Plotting ideas?  Things I should know about your character?


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