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"I understand what you are saying," he said sadly. "But you misjudge us because you are a man yourself. For us there is only the duty. Like a job to be done. We are here simply to save the world from the Dark. Make no mistake, the Dark is rising, and will take the world to itself very soon if nothing stands in its way. And, if that should happen, then there would be no question ever, for anyone, either of warm charity or of cold absolute good, because nothing would exist in the world or in the hearts of men except that bottomless black pit. The charity and the mercy and the humanitarianism are for you, they are the only things by which men are able to exist with each other in peace. But in this hard case that we the Light are in we can make no use of them. We are fighting a war. We are fighting for life and death - not for our life, remember, since we cannot die. For yours." 


Name: Lel
Preferred Pronoun: She
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Name: Will Stanton
Canon: Dark is Rising Sequence (Book)

Pull-point: The last chapter of the last book in the series, Silver on the Tree, just after Will tells Bran and the Drews that they have a long way to go.

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Age: 13

Gender/Sex: Male


Will is described as looking completely ordinary and unremarkable. He is short and stocky, with slightly long brown hair that continually falls into his eyes. His eyes are grey, with an odd look of oldness to them. Will's face is round and good-natured, but he maintains a solemn or stoic expression most of the time.

Just above his right wrist, on the inside of his arm, Will has a single unusual scar. It looks like a shiny hairless burn scar, but is in the shape of a perfect circle quartered by a cross. He has a noticeable mannerism of pushing his bangs out of his eyes with one hand. 

Will first awoke to his true power and heritage on his eleventh birthday. On that day he met a man named Merriman and a woman known only as the Lady, and he learned that he was the last of the Old Ones of the Light. Will learned that he had a gift, one that the very law of the universe demanded that he serve and one that he could not refuse. And that he was bound by his very nature to fight against the Dark. They told Will that with his awakening they knew that the time of the last great battle against the Dark was drawing near. 
His first quest would be to reunite six signs of power that had been created by the Light over the ages. Over the week of Christmas Will sought out the six signs and reunited them while coming into his power and  fighting off obstacles created by the Dark.  With the signs reunited, Will called forth Herne the Hunter and the Wild Hunt to chase the Dark to the edges of the Earth. 
The next summer Will traveled to Cornwall. There he assisted Merriman and three human children in the recovery of a stolen Grail and a lost manuscript. Will and Merriman used the artifacts to decipher a coded prophecy in Ogam on the side of the Grail. 
Only a few months later Will became desperately ill with hepatitis. He lived, but at the cost of all his memories of his life as an Old One. He was left with only a few scraps of verse, instincts he couldn't understand, and the desperate knowledge that he had lost something more important than his own life. 
Will's family sent him Wales to recuperate, and he spent a few days slowly wandering the hills searching for what he had lost. There, he met a white-haired and golden-eyed boy named Bran and remembered everything. Together the two boys would embark on a quest to find a golden harp and wake the seven sleepers. By the end of the adventure Bran's heritage as the son of King Arthur was revealed. And Will acknowledged his own duty to serve Bran just as Merlin had served King Arthur. 
A year later Will returned to Wales. Along with Bran and the three children from Trewessick they fought the Dark in one last battle. They won and the Dark was cast out beyond time. But with the victory came a great cost. The great work of the Old Ones had ended and it was time for them to leave. Bran was given the choice to come live with his father, Arthur, but he chose to forget and live a mortal life. And Will's last task was to remain in the mortal world as the last watchman for his kind. 
As the Old Ones sailed away, Merriman removed all memories of the great battle and magic from everyone's minds. Only Will remembered. 
On the surface Will is an entirely normal boy from the English countryside. He is quiet, polite and cheerful, with a wry sense of humor. There is something subtly reassuring and practical about Will. He hardly ever gets upset about anything. He can be distant and vague around people he does not know well, but Will often teases his family and friends with mock pompousness and a straight face. He has a keen interest in folklore and history. Will reads Medieval herbal treatises for fun, enjoys anthropology, and likes to sing.
But at the same time there is something oddly old about Will. As if he were ancient and young all at the same time. There are times when he simply knows things. He can be rather cryptic and philosophical at times, and often acts more like an adult than a child. After some comments about religion, a local priest once remarked that he wasn't sure whether Will should be ordained or exorcised.
All of these oddities are caused by the fact that Will has another, much deeper, side to his character. In truth, Will belongs to a group of metaphysical beings who call themselves Old Ones of the Light. He was the last to be born and the one with the closest ties to humanity still. Although the Light is good and noble, it is not kind. It can be very cold and pragmatic. And it can be cruel, especially to it's own kind. Old Ones are concerned with the great battle against the Dark, fighting so that humans can have the chance to make their own choices. But Old Ones themselves do not have a choice. Once they come into their power they are bound to serve the interests of the Light. If they are required to sacrifice a few individuals for the greater good, they will do it. For Old Ones, duty comes first. Always. 

“It is a burden... Make no mistake about that. Any great gift or power or talent is a burden and this more than any, and you will long to be free of it. But there is nothing to be done. If you were born with the gift, then you must serve it, and nothing in this world or out of it may stand in the way of that service, because that is why you were born and that is the Law."

Will is an Old One, a member of a race of magical beings created from one of two main polarizing magical forces of the Universe. Old Ones are of the Light and they are bound in an eternal battle against the forces of the Dark.The Light seeks to defend humanities right to free will, while the Dark seeks to enslave humanity to their own darker impulses. The Light acts through the Old Ones while the Dark acts through humans who have sworn to serve it in return for power and immortality.

Old Ones claim to be very much like humans. They are born into human families, and live as humans do. In appearance there is no obvious difference. But in the end, they are something very different.

As an Old One, Will has access to a wide variety of powers.

  • Time Travel
    • Will is unaffected by time paradoxes.
    • Old Ones exist outside of time.  For them, all time is the present.
    • Will can walk in and out of different times as he wills, and if he walks into a new time everyone there will remember him as always having been there.
    • In Arda Marred Will can no longer travel through time.
  •  Visions
    • Will sometimes has visions of other times. This happens either by walking into a space where time is overlapping or by touching an object and willing himself to see its history. 
    • In Arda Marred this is limited to objects he can touch.
  • Control of Time
    • Will can stop time for the people around him or put a single person outside of time for a moment. 

  • Mindspeaking
    • Will can speak into the minds of other Old Ones. He can also share mental images in this way. For Arda Marred, this ability will be limited to beings similar to himself who already possess a similar ability.
  • Memory
    • Will has an excellent memory. It is mentioned that the mind of an Old One is the safest place to leave important information, for it can never be truly forgotten.
  • Sensing
    • Will can sense the presence of other agents of the Light and Dark. He feels the Light as music and the Dark as a whirling uncomfortably disorienting feeling.
  • The Old Speech
    • All Old Ones instinctively know how to speak this language. In Will's world, all creatures of magic can speak and understand it as well. In Arda Marred this is limited to only creatures of magic from worlds where a mutually intelligible magical language already exists.
    • Will speaks and understands all the languages of men. In Arda Marred this will only work while speaking directly to characters who have already given permission.
    • Will uses the Old Speech to cast spells. Some spells can be cast with only a single word and gesture, while others are more complicated.
      • Spells to control fire and water, sea and sky.
      • Spells to use the abilities of different animals. To ride the wind like an eagle, to run like a deer and to swim like a fish.
      • Spells using the virtues of different plants and animals
      • Spells to identify and destroy the magic of the Dark
      • Spells of protection
      • Spells to use enchantment to temporarily acquire skills like horse riding and music
      • Will cannot cast spells over running water or heal using magic. It is also mentioned that there are certain things like instant transportation or seeing visions of the future that he is not capable of yet.

  • Will cannot die. Even if he becomes badly injured, he would be unable to die.  However he is not invulnerable. He is as easy to injure as any human and has no healing ability.
  • In Arda Marred, if Will's body is ever injured to the point that he would not be able to survive, he will revert to being a pillar of light for two weeks.

Human Abilities
  • Singing
  • Basic Metal Engraving

Inventory: No. At his point in canon Will will not be carrying anything.


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