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 As an Old One, Will has certain abilities. This means that , among other things, he can:

1: Speak into others minds and receive messages in return.
2. Put pictures into others minds and receive pictures from other minds.
3. Speak and understand all languages in his world.
4. Speak and understand a magical language known as the Old Speech which can be understood by all creatures of magic in his world.
5: Sense the presence of the Dark. Will senses this was a whirling chaotic feeling that makes him feel ill.

However, his power comes with a few limitations.  He can only speak with the minds of people who share a similar ability. He can't contact anyone who doesn't have any telepathic ability.  

So it would really help me out if you could answer these questions for your characters.

1: Mun Name and Contact
2. Character Name and Journal
3. Does your character have any kind of telepathic or psychic ability? If so, would it be alright for Will to contact them in this way?
4. Does your character come from a world with a commonly understood magical language? If so can Will contact them in this way?
5. Is it okay if Will understands your character's languages when interacting with them? 
6. Does your character have any association with Light or Dark forces in their canon?  If so, what does their canon mean by Light or Dark? Would it be alright for Will to sense this in them?
7: Anything else? Plotting ideas?  Things I should know about your character?

Date: 2015-07-09 10:46 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] silvered_thief
1. BG and you have my plurk XD

Youko Kurama | [personal profile] silvered_thief
3. Yes, and yes.
4. I wouldn't call it a magical language understood across all magical creatures, but there's likely a common language in the demon world/Makai, and Will is welcome to be able to speak it/write it.
5. Yes please! It'll get Youko's attention.
6. Youko is kind of a chaotic neutral leaning towards evil character. Will is welcome to sense that Youko has some Dark in him. (using DIR term, for your benefit~)
7. Youko will mostly be in his fox form for the first while he's met in person. That form has 9 tails and silver fur. So if Will has any familiarity with Japanese lore, he's welcome to figure out what that means!

Elros | [personal profile] mortalhalf
3. Yes he does! Will's welcome to mindspeak with him, though Elros will be wary of it at first.
4. Kind of? Sindarin becomes the most common language when people think of words of power/spells. Will's also welcome to know it when he speaks to Elros.
5. Definitely!
6. Elros by nature is Light. However, he's recently been tortured, and Will is welcome to pick up on traces of Dark, though I'd prefer it be kept to a minimum at this time.
7. Elros has been keeping pretty close to his parents and Maedhros, but I'll be putting him out there more soon so they can interact.

Merlin | [personal profile] wizardwhowaits
3. With other magic users/magical creatures, yes. And go for it!
4. There are a number of magical languages and not all shared, so not really.
5. lol They already do, other than Old Speech.
6. Merlin is definitely a Light creature, and Will's welcome to sense that.
7. Merlin's probably the easiest of my three to run across randomly and he's been doing work as a physician.

Date: 2015-07-10 02:06 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] gathersnomoss
I'm Staryes/[ profile] beccastareyes

Zelgadis/[personal profile] gathersnomoss
4. Zelgadis's world doesn't have a magical language, but it does have Chaos Words, the shortest part of casting a magic spell. Will might be able to tell what a spell does from its name.
5. Zel's world has a single shown language, though there's hints of older ones. Sure, you can understand it.
6. Zel is magically altered, but doesn't have any inherent alignment (even his 'demon' parts are more magical creates than anything Dark). He's cast a small amount of black* magic before, but his magic is normally more neutral.

* Destructive magic linked to the forces of evil and destruction. It's not portrayed as evil in and of itself.

(My other character at the moment, Zack/[personal profile] whopraysfor) lacks any pings and is a native English speaker.)
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Date: 2015-07-10 12:09 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] espigeonage
I'm Joysweeper, that's also the name of my Plurk! I have Julien here and also the Grand Elusa, [personal profile] greatwhitespider. Julien's a normal human who is the reincarnation of a spy pigeon and has been forced into his previous life's form but none of those apply except languages; he's got English, French, Japanese, some German, and Sindarin (Elvish).

The Grand Elusa is an immortal spirit/god/guardian entity from a magical land anchored between worlds. She takes the form of a white spider, usually enormous, and has a terrible hunger, but more than enough love to balance it. In her world's future "lightdark" is considered one of the sacred elements and neither aspect of it is considered strictly good or evil. Her own seriously ambiguous past-reading and possible telepathic powers have been removed for the game so I'd prefer no contact there, but there is a wizardy language he can know.

Date: 2015-09-19 02:08 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] worldtapestries
I'm Tea/[ profile] bookwormfaith

Vaire/[personal profile] worldtapestries
3. Yes - Vaire is basically one of the gods of Arda, and is not normally actually incarnate XD So mindspeak is actually probably far more natural to her than to anyone else. Having said that, she's bound in a physical body, and is of the opinion that mindspeak while physical is a bit like cheating, and is not likely to initiate anything, but Will is welcome to do so to her.
4. nooot as such but the Valar have a language of their own, Valarin, which is implied to be horribly painful for people with actual voiceboxes to speak and hear, so I dunno how that will play with Will's abilities
5. yes!
6. Very much Light XD As stated, Vaire is one of the seven Ladies of the Valar, the gods that helped to make the world. Specifically, she's the Weaver, the one who records the happenings of the world. She is very much about order and things being in their place, but also about the big picture and the final pattern. Will can feel free to sense anything he likes.
7. come at me~

Maglor/[personal profile] bythewaves
3. Yes (sortve) - Elves are kinda sortve telepathic, and Will is totally welcome to chat at Mags this way. I play him as quite bad at actively using it, unless someone else starts a convo with him - partly because he's... well, not terribly sane and his mind's rather fractured, but also because Maglor has some special tweaks in regards to Music and BOY CAN HE PROJECT WHEN HE SINGS but otherwise nada.
4. nope~
5. Yes totally
6. ahahaha. So. Elves are generally good people. But Mags here is a genocidal mass murderer who did so many bad things that the holy jewels he did them for burnt his hands right down to his soul in punishment. He's very sorry that he did those things! But he'd totally do them again - he's cursed, and he's Oath bound, both. Will is totally good to play with that if he likes.
7. Mags is, in fact, not terribly sane, although this version is getting better slowly. He talks to the ghosts of his dead brothers, but the voices that he hears are his own imagination. Probably. Also he 'hears' the Music of the World constantly, which ... probably explains a bit of his instability actually, and probably thinks in music, not words. If you'd like to play with any of that, feel free~

Elladan [personal profile] huntingorcs
3. Elves are sorta telephatic, so feel free! Elladan doesn't really use this skill, but Will is welcome to poke him and get an answer
4. nope~
5. yep~
6. Elladan, like most elves, is generally a good guy! He's no great warrior of Light or anything, but he hates Evil, and isn't at all shy of killing. He has a deep, deep grudge against orcs that he normally keeps buried fairly well in public, but Will is welcome to poke at that if he likes
7: nope~

Date: 2015-09-19 07:15 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] tshoktharuktha
1. Paul, on plurk at [ profile] exacerangutan
2. Aztshuktha ([personal profile] tshoktharuktha3. Nope, Az doesn't.
4. Wouldn't help much, Az isn't particularly magical, himself.
5. That's fine, I try and remember to put mouseover translations on things.
6. Only by way of being Neutral Good, and particularly enjoying killing evil things.
7. Nothing stands out off hand!

Date: 2015-10-14 08:44 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] whitebymorning
1: Mica | Contact Post
2: Jiji | [personal profile] whitebymorning
3: Jiji is able to speak and be understood by anyone with magical capabilities, and can sense these abilities in others, if he cares to.
4: Sort of? See above.
5: Absoutely
6: Jiji has an understanding of good and evil as it relates to the naturalness of the world as dictated by the overarching Ghibli/Miyazaki morality of his canon. In short, this amounts to respect and allowing things/systems to grow and change as they must being Good, and destruction, violence and warfare as capital-e Evil. Even things called Demons, or dark spirits are not evil, by his mind-- only they are different, and belong in different places. After all, the ocean, which is the hearth and home to many creatures, is the very picture of an earthly hell to Jiji.

Date: 2015-10-16 09:58 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] goinggreenleaf
1: Mark, [ profile] marcuswolf828
2. Liam [personal profile] goinggreenleaf, and Lindir [personal profile] lindir
3. Liam does not, Lindir has a mild telepathic ability inherent of all Elves, but he has not developed it much. Feel free to talk to either ofthem.
4. Liam no, Lindir - sort of? the Elvish languages Sindarin and Quenya are kind of used for things sometimes, but they're also just to talk with.
5. By all means! Liam knows English and a passable French. Lindir knows Sindarin and rudimentary Quenya (mostly in an educational context.)
6. Liam - good question, he's only partially transformed into his Elf-self, so I would say neutral. Lindir is def a light entity.
7: Not that I can think of right now, but CR welcome in either case.

Date: 2016-03-19 04:44 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] blackrose_born
1: Matt, m_logan_2k2 on plurk
2: Aeslyn Blackrose (Final Fantasy XIV), this journal
3: Yes. The Echo is... kind of a lot of different pseudo-telepathic abilities rolled into one. Contact is perfectly fine.
4: Yes, and she's a specialist in it. Unfortunately it's primarily math-based, so communication would be somewhat awkward, but he's more than welcome to understand it (and thus be able to read her grimoires).
5: Sure. Aes only speaks... whatever they speak in Eorzea natively, but she also has the universal understanding ability, so he's perfectly welcome to natter at her in whatever language he chooses.
6: As the Warrior of Light, I'd say that's a given... but she's experienced terrible losses and betrayals, and has been canonically shown to be somewhat fed up with being treated as an errand runner. Light in Final Fantasy is defined both as moral Good and following the natural order, while Dark is... pretty much the opposite. There have been some hints that this is not necessarily the dichotomy we've been given to think it is, but the story hasn't progressed to the point where I can say more with any certainty. Will is certainly welcome to sense it.
7: Will's forced servitude to Light will bother her. It leans entirely too close to Tempering, which is Bad. He is, of course, perfectly welcome to point out she has the same problem.


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