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Player Information:
Name: Lel
Age/18+?: 18+
Contact: leloipa on plurk or pm
Other Characters Played: Conan Edogawa and Danny Fenton
Most Recent AC Link:
Here and here

Character Information:

Name: Will Stanton
Canon: Dark is Rising Sequence
Canon Point: The end of Silver on the Tree
Age: 13

Type of Character: Canon

Setting Concepts:

Old Ones: Old Ones are born into human families, and live the first part of their lives as humans. But ultimately their fate and purpose are something very different. They are immortal creature of magic and wisdom, created with the purpose of serving the Light. They exist outside of time, and have many abilities in magic. Merlin was the first of the Old Ones, and Will is the last.

Magic: Magic in this world is the force that holds the universe together. It is divided into several kinds, which all have their own function and operate together in a very complicated system of checks and balances.

High Magic: This is the highest form of magic. It is the magic that holds the universe together and keeps the stars and planets moving in their places. It also served as the ultimate authority and judge for all lesser forms of magic. Creatures of the other magics can appeal to the High Magic to decide disputes. Occasionally humans can take a role in the High Magic. King Arthur is one of these.

The Light and The Dark:
Directly beneath the High Magic are two poles of magic. The Light and the Dark. The cold white light that shines at the center of the universe, and the great dark pit as deep as the universe. Since the beginning of time the two have been engaged in a war over the future of humans. The Light seeks to preserve goodness and mercy and humanitarianism and all the things which allow men to live with each other in peace. But more than anything else, it wishes to preserve human's ability to choose their future for themselves, whether the decision be for good or ill. The Dark wants nothing more than to create a world where there is no choice for anything but the darkest sides of human nature. The Light acts through the work of the Old Ones, while the Dark acts through the Riders and through humans who have fallen and chosen the Dark of their own will.

The Wild Magic: The magic of wild places and living things. It likes neither the Light nor the Dark, and is not very fond of humans.

The Old Speech:
A language which all Old Ones instinctively know how to speak on the day they come into their power. It can be understood by all creatures of magic, and is used to cast spells.

Items of Power: Throughout history, the Light has commissioned a number of magical items, and then hid them until they were needed. As the last of the Old Ones, it was Will's job to go questing after them.
The Pendragon:
In this world, Arthur had a son. For his own safety he was sent forward to the twentieth century where he grew up as a normal boy. Just as Merlin had once served Arthur, it was part of Will's duties to serve Bran. They became close friends.

On the surface Will is an entirely normal boy from the English countryside. He is quiet, polite and cheerful, with a wry sense of humor. He can be distant and vague around people he does not know well, but Will often teases his family and friends with mock pompousness and a straight face. Will loves all the socializing and craziness that comes from being the youngest in a very large family. Although some of his other siblings complain about there being too many people in the house, Will never does.

Will enjoys visiting his father's small Jewelry shop in Eton, where he has been learning how to engrave gold. He also loves singing in choir and going on long bikerides through the countryside to visit old churches. He has a keen interest in things like folklore and ceremonies. Will enjoys learning about languages as well, although he likes the logic and formal structure of Latin best. He reads Medieval herbal treatises for fun, and claims to be mad for anthropology.

But at the same time there is something oddly old about Will. As if he were ancient and young all at the same time. There are times when he simply knows things. When to act and what to say. He knows things about plants and animals and stars and people. He acts more like an adult than a child. For example, he has a way of avoiding fights with other boys his age by removing himself from the argument and being annoyingly reasonable. He has a way, also, of sliding into an argument and fixing a problem diplomatically without ever bringing attention to himself. There is something subtly reassuring and practical about Will. He hardly ever gets upset about anything. And he can be rather cryptic and philosophical at times. After some comments about religion, a local priest once remarked that he wasn't sure whether Will should be ordained or exorcised.

All of these oddities are caused by the fact that Will has another, much deeper, side to his character. In truth, Will belongs to a group of metaphysical beings who call themselves Old Ones of the Light. He was the last to be born and the one with the closest ties to humanity still. Although the Light is good and noble, it is not kind. It can be very cold and pragmatic. And it can be cruel, especially to it's own kind. Old Ones are concerned with the great battle against the Dark, fighting so that humans can have the chance to make their own choices. But Old Ones themselves do not have a choice about their own destiny. Once they come into their power they are bound to serve the interests of the Light. If they are required to sacrifice a few individuals for the greater good, they will do it. For Old Ones, duty comes first. Always.

For Will, who still has ties to his human family and human emotions, the demands of being an Old One can be hard. He still feels empathy for the humans he protects, and regrets the need for sacrifices. But at the same time, the part of him that is an Old One limits his ability to to empathize with human emotions like grief. In a later book, when a friend was upset over the death of his dog, Will was only able to offer him the wisdom of an Old One. At the time Will knew that it was the wrong thing to say. That the cold pragmatism of his kind was not what his friend wanted or needed to hear. But he was unable to be human enough in that moment to be what his friend needed. Another time, Will’s mentor told him that there were parts of his abilities as an Old One he could not understand because he still thought too much like a human.

Will always carries the knowledge of his duty as an Old One in the back of his mind. But he is also determined that his two worlds should not meet too closely. The magic and danger of his life as an Old One must not touch his human family. When an enemy from the Dark crossed his family's threshold on Christmas morning Will was outraged and would have reached for words to blast him out beyond time. And he would have done it, if his family hadn't been there. But in the end, if the Light demands that he risk or sacrifice his family and close friends, Will will do it.

And this is Will's greatest conflict. He cares deeply for his family and friends, but a part of him is always aware that the bigger picture must come first.

Because of this conflict between his human and Old One sides, Will can sometimes behave in very different ways. One moment he may be cheerfully teasing his brothers, and the next he'll be sagely dispensing advice with the wisdom of an old man. But both sides are the same Will. He is one boy with two mindsets. There is the Old One that is Will, and there is the small boy who is Will. Both are the same. But in Will's daily life as the youngest child in the Stanton clan there is no need for the power and authority of the Old Ones. And so, that part of him that carries the ageless wisdom of his kind can sleep. And when there is need for the Old One , he can awaken once more.

Will is described as looking completely ordinary and unremarkable. He is short and stocky, with slightly long brown hair that continually falls into his eyes. His eyes are grey, with an odd look of oldness to them. Will's face is round and good-natured, but he maintains a solemn or stoic expression most of the time.

Just above his right wrist, on the inside of his arm, Will has a single unusual scar. It looks like a shiny hairless burn scar, but is in the shape of a perfect circle quartered by a cross. He has a noticeable mannerism of pushing his bangs out of his eyes with one hand.

  • Time Travel
    • Will is unaffected by time paradoxes.
    • Old Ones exist outside of time. For them, all time is the present.
    • Will can walk in and out of different times as he wills, and if he walks into a new time everyone there will remember him as always having been there.
  • Visions
    • Will sometimes has visions of other times. This happens either by walking into a space where time is overlapping or by touching an object and willing himself to see its history.  
  • Control of Time
    • Will can stop time for the people around him or put a single person outside of time for a moment.
  • Mindspeaking
    • Will can speak into the minds of other Old Ones. He can also share mental images in this way.
  • Memory
    • Will has an excellent memory. It is mentioned that the mind of an Old One is the safest place to leave important information, for it can never be truly forgotten.
  • Sensing
    • Will can sense the presence of other agents of the Light and Dark. He feels the Light as music and the Dark as a whirling uncomfortably disorienting feeling.

  • The Old Speech
    • All Old Ones instinctively know how to speak this language. In Will's world, all creatures of magic can speak and understand it as well.
    • Will speaks and understands all the languages of men.
    • Will uses the Old Speech to cast spells. Some spells can be cast with only a single word and gesture, while others are more complicated.
      • Spells to control fire and water, sea and sky.
      • Spells to use the abilities of different animals. To ride the wind like an eagle, to run like a deer and to swim like a fish.
      • Spells using the virtues of different plants and animals
      • Spells to identify and destroy the magic of the Dark Spells of protection
      • Spells to use enchantment to temporarily acquire skills like horse riding and music
      • Will cannot cast spells over running water or heal using magic.
      • It is also mentioned that there are certain things like instant transportation or seeing visions of the future that he is not capable of yet.

  • Will cannot die. Even if he becomes badly injured, he would be unable to die. However he is not invulnerable. He is as easy to injure as any human and has no healing ability. I

Human Abilities
  • Singing 
  • Beginner Jewelry making and engraving

Just his clothes.

Soul Gem:

Like this, but with a dark blue gem in the center

Writing Samples:

Third Person:
Will was confused.
It wasn't that he'd suddenly found himself in another place. It was a rather odd turn of events, but somehow Will couldn't find it in himself to be surprised. He had spent much of the last two years stepping into other times and places. To the Lost Land, and the Dark Ages, and the time of Arthur, to Caerleon in Roman times and to Wales and Cornwall in the present.
When one wasn't properly a part of time, such things could only be expected. He hadn't expected to find his way to such a large turtle, but there were many strange things hidden even in the lost places of his own world. It must be even more the case in other worlds.
But for the most part, Will found himself feeling disappointed. They had been fighting the last battle in Wales. They had won. The Dark had been cast out beyond all time.
For a moment, just a moment, he had hoped to see the world free of the influence of the Dark. Even if it had meant that the Old Ones and everything of magic would be forgotten, he had wanted to see it.
But if he had been sent away so soon after the last battle against the Dark, it must be because something had gone wrong. It must be because there was some task here he was needed for, so much sooner than any of them had hoped.
In his line of responsibilities, there were very few coincidences.

[A small boy in a battered sheepskin jacket stares solemnly into the console. He pokes at the device, an expression of mild curiosity on his face,]

Ah, hullo? Is this thing on? Quite a strange device. Not quite like anything I remember seeing before, I think.

[Will blinks, and smiles a little foolishly.]

But then I’m getting off topic. I've only just arrived here, you see. And I thought it would be terribly rude if I didn't introduce myself. Are there many people here?
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