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Within the LIbrary he can:
  • Speak into others minds and receive messages in return. For game purposes he can only speak in this way with others who have the same ability.
  • Have visions of the past
  • Speak and understand all languages that exist in his world.
  • Speak and understand a magical language known as the Old Speech which can be understood by all creatures of magic in his world.
  • Immortality. Will can be injured, but he is unable to die.
  • Sense the presence of the Dark. Not sure yet how this will be applied in RP. Related to this, Will himself is of the Light. In his canon the Light and the Dark are two poles of magical power within the universe.
Outside of the LIbrary he can:
  • Slip through time (although it is unlikely this will ever be used)
    • Will is only loosely connected to time. In canon he often slips through to other times.
  • Step outside of time or put others outside of time for a moment
  • Cast spells to control fire and water, air and sky
  • Cast spells to give himself the ability to swim like a fish, run like a deer and fly like an eagle

So it would really help me out if you could answer these questions for your characters.

1: Preferred Contact
2. Character Name and Journal
3. Does your character have any kind of telepathic or psychic ability? If so, would it be alright for Will to contact them in this way?
4: Anything else? Plotting ideas? Things I should know about your character?

Date: 2017-01-18 11:11 pm (UTC)
annatarr: (face palming)
From: [personal profile] annatarr
Preferred Contact: [ profile] estivaate

Character Name and Journal: Tony Stark [personal profile] amelioraate and Mairon [personal profile] annatarr

Abilities: Tony does not, however he has enough experience with mind readers that he's going to kind of know if it's happening. Mairon basically spent the timeless part of his life (you know, before Time was even a thing) communicating through thoughts and thoughts alone, so yeah. he actually prefers this method, though you aren't about to get anything more than what he wants you to get.

Other: Tony is going to adopt Will along with all the other smol children (and not so smol children) running around and Mairon is probably going to be a pain in his ass. I'm not even sorry.

Date: 2017-01-19 09:39 am (UTC)
bigbadrose: (finger bite)
From: [personal profile] bigbadrose
Contact CC on [ profile] silverwolfcc
Character: currently just Rose Tyler from Doctor Who [personal profile] bigbadrose

A. I'm not sure how extensive Torchwood's psychic training is, but she was able to receive messages across the void (infinite darkness outside of space and beyond the universe) to a parrallel universe from the Doctor. So she probably can't SEND messages herself without way better training, but she can canonically recieve!

B. Permission to see her past, but mostly just flashes/memories (clips of the show can be provided upon request!) Preferably avoid the parts she can't see/remember herself until developments change that (ie: Bad Wolf making Jack immortal, Bad Wolf/The Moment in Day of the Doctor etc.)

C. Re: Bad Wolf / Time Vortex -> etc. Rose looked into the time vortex, took it into herself and used it to do impossible/insane things. This left a rather big mark on her, which werewolves and others were able to sense. "Bad Wolf" is both her message through time itself to lead her back to where she wants to go, and needs to be. She's past the point of dimension hopping and has orchestrated fixed points in order to save the Doctor's life and ensure he had friends to help him. This plays into the whole Light vs. Dark thing, since it's all used as Light side and as the werewolf said "You burn like the sun but all I require is the moon," however it's known as "Bad Wolf" for a reason, as it's incredibly dangerous and all but risks the destruction of universes, and indeed killed the Doctor forcing him to regenerate (it would have killed her). She also turned her friend into a fixed point, but that should remain secret (she doesn't know about it yet) pending direct info from Jack himself, or those who know about it (10th Doctor, Martha, the Master, and Tentoo)

Date: 2017-01-22 06:44 pm (UTC)
bigbadrose: (are you afraid of the bad wolf?)
From: [personal profile] bigbadrose
It comes across as a glowing light, (moon/her literally glowing during the Bad Wolf thing) her having the golden vortex in her eyes. Which could be both intimidating or alluring. As the Moment/Weapon's Consciousness (In Day of the Doctor -> sort of not *her* but her consciousness/light put into the device, it's complicated) her eyes would do the golden glowing thing whenever she had to do something big/psychic. It's fan theory/speculation that she might be this way herself during the dimension hopping when she's sending messages to the Doctor (Putting Bad Wolf all over, dealing with psychic things) but this isn't ever, outside of events, (probably, I try not to say never anymore) going to be used; just to give you an idea of what he might sort of "see" that effect as.

As for visions; what triggers Will to be able to see the visions, if anything? Touch/context (such as talking about it) etc.?

Date: 2017-01-19 08:45 pm (UTC)
lastoftimelords: (Book)
From: [personal profile] lastoftimelords
Preferred Contact [ profile] weefolk or journal PM
Character Name and Journal Tenth Doctor
Does your character have any kind of telepathic or psychic ability? If so, would it be alright for Will to contact them in this way? Yes, yes he does. Yes.

Date: 2017-01-20 03:28 am (UTC)
lastoftimelords: (:D)
From: [personal profile] lastoftimelords
Awesome, looking forward to that :3

Date: 2017-01-20 12:48 am (UTC)
unfavorableinstigation: A yellow glowing orb (representation of a kernel) (Default)
From: [personal profile] unfavorableinstigation
1: Plurk, or via PM here on Dreamwidth.
2: Nita Callahan - this journal, unfavorableinstigation
3: Sort of? Wizards are more likely to have telepathic contact with each other than with nonwizards. Nita would be fine after having it explained, though.
4: ??? Not quite sure, unless something about wizards from the Young Wizards series strikes your fancy/seems compatible with Will's canon. Nita's own powers are very much derived/given by her 'verse's equivalent of the Light, though.

Date: 2017-01-20 01:57 am (UTC)
redarrowqueen: (15)
From: [personal profile] redarrowqueen
1. PM or Plurk (TheHourMorgana)
2. Thea Queen/Arrow (redarrowqueen) and Kristen Kringle/Gotham (misskringle)
3. No mental powers, both boring humans.
4. If Will does get visions I would like to avoid the whole Lazarus pit arc for Thea (at least till she's able to face it since her canon point is when Ra's Al Ghul stabbed her). As for Kristen I'm avoiding everything post "Knock,Knock" for the moment since things get worse for her in canon. Otherwise if its for a plot just ask!

Date: 2017-01-22 10:23 pm (UTC)
goodguess: (Ooh you want THAT answer)
From: [personal profile] goodguess
1) Preferred Contact: [ profile] demonia
2) Trance Gemini ( [personal profile] goodguess )
3) Nope, she doesn't really come with these kinds of abilities.
4) First, this First Impressions page might be able to help with some parts. Though it's also possible for Trance to ping as either of the Light or Dark due to how her universe works. In comparison to the classic angels vs demons, her kind were the equivalent of the demons. Her world has Order/Obsession/Love on one side, while the other side is Chaos/Change. Order wants to bring the universe to how it originally was; all this single, constant thing. Chaos likes what happens after they're apart and the Big Bang happens, with planets and lives being created and evolved over time. The latter is her side. I'm not sure how that'll be applied, but it's up to you. Sorry, I read through the information on your journal a bit better (and had a better grasp on the Light/Dark.) It's probably most likely that Trance would seem to be an extension of the Light. In fact, Old Ones seem to be very close to what Trance's kind are, but with differences in how they handled themselves.
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