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Within the LIbrary he can:
  • Speak into others minds and receive messages in return. For game purposes he can only speak in this way with others who have the same ability.
  • Have visions of the past
  • Speak and understand all languages that exist in his world.
  • Speak and understand a magical language known as the Old Speech which can be understood by all creatures of magic in his world.
  • Immortality. Will can be injured, but he is unable to die.
  • Sense the presence of the Dark. Not sure yet how this will be applied in RP. Related to this, Will himself is of the Light. In his canon the Light and the Dark are two poles of magical power within the universe.
Outside of the LIbrary he can:
  • Slip through time (although it is unlikely this will ever be used)
    • Will is only loosely connected to time. In canon he often slips through to other times.
  • Step outside of time or put others outside of time for a moment
  • Cast spells to control fire and water, air and sky
  • Cast spells to give himself the ability to swim like a fish, run like a deer and fly like an eagle

So it would really help me out if you could answer these questions for your characters.

1: Preferred Contact
2. Character Name and Journal
3. Does your character have any kind of telepathic or psychic ability? If so, would it be alright for Will to contact them in this way?
4: Anything else? Plotting ideas? Things I should know about your character?
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