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 Player Information:
Name: Lel
Age: Over 21
Contact info: leloipa on aim and plurk
Current characters: N/A

Character Information:
Name:Will Stanton
Canon: Dark is Rising Sequence (book)
Canon point: Post Series
Age: 12
In appearance Will is almost completely ordinary. He is short and stocky, with slightly long mouse-brown hair that continually falls into his eyes. His eyes are grey, with an odd look of oldness to them. Will's face is round and good-natured, but he maintains a solemn or stoic expression most of the time. 

Just above his right wrist, on the inside of his arm, Will has a single unusual scar. It looks like a shiny hairless burn scar, but is in the shape of a perfect circle quartered by a cross.


Also, here is a link to a more in depth summary of Will that I wrote last year. 


"I understand what you are saying," he said sadly. "But you misjudge us because you are a man yourself. For us there is only the duty. Like a job to be done. We are here simply to save the world from the Dark. Make no mistake, the Dark is rising, and will take the world to itself very soon if nothing stands in its way. And, if that should happen, then there would be no question ever, for anyone, either of warm charity or of cold absolute good, because nothing would exist in the world or in the hearts of men except that bottomless black pit. The charity and the mercy and the humanitarianism are for you, they are the only things by which men are able to exist with each other in peace. But in this hard case that we the Light are in we can make no use of them. We are fighting a war. We are fighting for life and death - not for our life, remember, since we cannot die. For yours." 

On the surface Will is an entirely normal boy from the English countryside. He is quiet, polite and cheerful, with a wry sense of humor. There is a solid sense of practicality and capability about him. A lot of the time he appears almost aggressively ordinary and unremarkable. Will’s expression stays solemn a lot of the time, but he has a rare smile that lights up his face. He has an keen interest in things like folklore and ceremonies. Will enjoys learning about languages as well, although he likes the logic and formal structure of Latin best. Will also loves all the socializing and craziness that comes from being the youngest in a very large family. He loves the moments when all of his eight older siblings are home and making noise. He often teases people he is comfortable around with mock seriousness. Sometimes he makes outrageously pompous statements aimed at getting people riled up at him. He reads Medieval herbal treatises for fun, and is fascinated by anthropology and folklore. He loves visiting his father's small Jewelry shop in Eton, where he has been learning how to engrave gold. 

But at the same time there is something oddly old about Will. As if he were ancient and young all at the same time. There are times when he simply knows things. When to act and what to say. Odd thoughts about events that happened long before he was born. Things about plants and animals and stars and people. He acts more like an adult than a child. For example, he has a way of avoiding fights with other boys his age by removing himself from the argument and being annoyingly reasonable. He has a way, also, of sliding into an argument and fixing a problem diplomatically without ever bringing attention to himself. There is something subtly reassuring and practical about Will. He hardly ever gets upset about anything. And he can be rather cryptic and philosophical at times. After some comments about religion, a local priest once remarked that he wasn't sure whether Will should be ordained or exorcised. 

All of these oddities are caused by the fact that Will has another, much deeper, side to his character. In truth, Will belongs to a group of metaphysical beings who call themselves Old Ones. He was the last to be born and the one with the closest ties to humanity still. Although the Light is good and noble, it is not kind. It can be very cold and pragmatic. And it can be cruel, especially to it's own kind. Old Ones are concerned with the great battle against the Dark, fighting so that humans can have the chance to make their own choices. But Old Ones themselves do not have a choice about their own destiny. Once they come into their power they are bound to serve the interests of the Light. If they are required to sacrifice a few individuals for the greater good, they will do it. For Old Ones, duty comes first. Always.

For Will, who still has ties to his human family and human emotions, the demands of being an Old One can be hard. He still feels empathy for the humans he protects, and regrets the need for sacrifices. But at the same time, the part of him that is an Old One limits his ability to to empathize with human emotions like grief. In a later book, when a friend was upset over the death of his dog, Will was only able to offer him the wisdom of an Old One. At the time Will knew that it was the wrong thing to say. That the cold pragmatism of his kind was not what his friend wanted or needed to hear. But he was unable to be human enough to be what his friend needed. Another time, Will’s mentor told him that there were parts of his abilities as an Old One he could not understand because he still thought too much like a human.

When acting as an Old One Will is calm, serene and authoritative. Old Ones tend to be utterly unflappable and rather cold and pragmatic. They are not human, even though they may appear like ordinary people. Yet there is a sense of companionship among them. Old Ones only truly feel complete when they are in a gathering of their own kind. But because their duty to the Light will always come first, they spend most of their time alone among humans. 

The important thing to know about Will is that he doesn't have a split personality or two minds or any other explanation for why he sometimes acts very different. Always, he is the same Will. It would be more accurate to say that he is one boy with two mindsets. There is the Old One that is Will, and there is the small boy who is Will. Both are the same. But in Will's daily life as the youngest child in the Stanton clan there is no need for the power and authority of the Old Ones. And so, that part of him that carries the ageless wisdom of his kind can sleep. And when there is need for the Old One , he can awaken once more. 

Will always carries the knowledge of his duty as an Old One in the back of his mind. But he is also determined that his two worlds should not meet too closely. The magic and danger of his life as an Old One must not touch his human family. When an enemy form the Dark crossed his family's threshold on Christmas morning Will was outraged and would have reached for words to blast him out beyond time. And he would have done it, if his family hadn't been there. But in the end, if the Light demands that he risk or sacrifice his family and close friends, Will will do it. 

Will isn't antisocial, but he does tend to be reserved and distant. He has a few friends around the village, and he is very close to his brothers. But he makes very few close friends. 

Strengths and Weaknesses
Will cannot cast magic across running water. He is also severely limited by the magical laws of his kind in what he can do and how he can act. For example, he cannot do anything that would impact a human's right of free will. Many of the magical battles in his canon resemble legal battles more than anything else.

He cannot affect fairies or magical beings. The only exceptions are the spells of Mana and the spells of Reck and the spells of Lir. When cast together they can compel a magical being to come forth and listen to a single request. However, they do not compel them to grant it or to allow anyone to escape unhurt from such an encounter. 

Physically he is no stronger than any other boy.

Despite all of his knowledge he is still a child emotionally. Because of this he makes mistakes and foolish decisions sometimes. He is very young for his kind, and because of that there are some things he cannot do. Because he is still close to humanity there are things about his identity as an Old One that he is still incapable of understanding.

Skills and Powers: 
Will is an Old One, a member of a race of magical beings created from one of two main polarizing magical forces of the Universe. Old Ones are of the Light and they are bound in an eternal battle against the forces of the Dark.The Light seeks to defend humanities right to free will, while the Dark seeks to enslave humanity to their own darker impulses. The Light acts through the Old Ones, pieces of itself born into the World as humans, while the Dark acts through humans who have sworn to serve it in return for power and immortality.

As an Old One, Will has access to a wide variety of powers. For sake of clarity I have divided them into categories.


Will is unaffected by time paradoxes. He can walk in and out of different times as he wills, and if he walks into a new time everyone there will remember him as always having been there. He can have visions of the past as well, either by walking into a time bubble or by touching an object and willing himself to see its history. He can stop time for the people around him or put a single person outside of time for a moment.


Will is telepathic only with other Old Ones and similar magical beings. He is forbidden from manipulating the minds of humans unless it is necessary to remove their memories or shield their minds for protection. He has an excellent memory. Additionally he has some ability with mental combat. He can sense the presence of other agents of the Light and Dark. 


Will speaks a language called the Old Speech, which allows him to cast a variety of different spells. He also read the Book of Gramarye, which contained all of the knowledge on magic the Old Ones had collected since before the time of Arthur. Specific spells mentioned included the words to control the elements, learning to fly and swim from different animals, learning the virtues of different plants and animals and learning to walk the Old Ways.


Will is unable to die, but he is not invulnerable. He is just as easy to hurt and heals no faster than a human. He will just be unable to die from his injuries.

Human Abilities

Will has a few human abilities outside his powers as an Old One. His father is a jeweler and has been teaching him how to engrave gold and other metals. Will has grown up on a small farm and knows quite a lot about the care of chickens and rabbits. Will is also a choirboy and is an excellent boy soprano.

In Citadel he will be unable to use his abilities to travel through time. I am willing to additionally limit his abilities as much as necessary. 

Sheepskin Jacket
The belt of signs. (Although his canon point is after it has been destroyed, he will have it returned to him through the dream that takes him to Citadel)

Compact Mirror

Writing samples: 
[A small boy in a battered sheepskin jacket stares solemnly at the video. He pokes at the device, an expression of mild curiosity on his face, before starting to speak in a light British accent.]

Ah, hullo? Is this thing on? Quite a strange little device. Not quite like anything I remember seeing before, I think.

[Will blinks, and smiles a little foolishly.]

But then I’m getting off topic. I've only just arrived here, you see. And I thought it would be terribly rude if I didn't introduce myself. Are there many people here?

Third Person Prose: 
Will shivers slightly as he slips out the door, shoving his hands deep in his coat. It was cold, here. Not quite as cold as Mid-Winter had been this time last year. But cold enough. But no snow. For a moment Will longs wistfully for a proper thick blanket of snow to appear here in this place. The sort of snow that transformed the world and made everything look fresh and new.

Lost in thought, Will trudges through the streets. There was something wrong here. Will was certain of it. It wasn't just that he felt more lost than he could ever remember being. There was something about this city. It felt of danger in a way that the Thames Valley never had. Even in Wales he had had this feeling of familiarity, like the very stones were old friends. But here... 

"It is like the world is in a different shape now," Will says slowly. He wonders at his own words. What made him say that? And why did it seem like a familiar thought?

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